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WAGENLUX - High-end automotive culture brand from Germany

Wagenlux (Shanghai) Automotive Technology Co., Ltd is a global leading company that focused on the automotive interior products and services.

Providing overall solutions for automotive interiors from interior luxury customization to light tuning accessories, from professional interior care to protection plan, from design to production and to service.

WAGENLUX Brand is originated in Stuttgart, Germany in 2009. Consisting of German WAGEN and LUXUS, meaning "luxury car”.

It officially entered in China in 2014 and established Wagenlux (Shanghai) Automotive Technology Co., Ltd.

The high-end customization of automotive interiors has been fully cooperated with the largest domestic automobile sales platform such as 51 imported cars. The automotive service and products have also become the official suppliers of internationally renowned automobile brands such as Volvo Volvo.

At the same time, we cooperated with domestic large financial institutions Jintai Insurance and Sunshine Insurance Brokers and PELLE (New Zealand Billy Maintenance Products Company) to promote the world's first "Auto Interior Care Solution AIPP", which not only filled the gap in the industry and brought to the majority of automotive users. The gospel.

Products and Services

Wagenlux (Shanghai) Automotive Technology Co., Ltd.The core business is mainly divided into three parts:
1. Automotive interior high-end customization, 2. Automotive light modification boutique, 3. Automotive service.
Automotive interior high-end customization:Including automotive raw material design and development, automotive interior design and production, automotive interior design and customization.

Automotive light modification boutique: Including automotive interior standard design and development, automotive decorative parts design and development, automotive interior design and production.

Automotive services:Including automotive solar film sales and services, automotive interior extended warranty services.

Wagenlux (Shanghai) Automotive Technology Co., Ltd.The German R&D design team and German craft standards ensure the high quality and leadership of its products and services.

The goal is to achieve mutual benefit and win-win with partners, distributors and customers, and to build a benign ecosystem in the entire automotive market.

Design Studio

WAGENLUX® brings together professional designers from different countries, regardless of the interior customization, or the design and development of raw materials are unique in the country, the integration of different styles of design and implementation in the car interior modification.

Quality and Safety

The raw materials and accessories used in WAGENLUX® custom modification are the designated brands of the first-line OEMs. After strict screening, they can fully control their physical and chemical properties. After the modification is completed, the functions in the car will be carefully checked to ensure the safety of the interior space.